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            近期論文 >> 高分子化學
            ·3842 Research on fluoropyridine-based benzoxazine with high thermal stability and ex... 2023-02-24
            ·3841 Polyphenylene sulfide fabric with improved antibacterial properties and compreh... 2023-02-23
            ·3840 asdasd 2022-11-04
            ·3839 Preparation of a catalyst-free and water-blown rigid polyurethane foam from mal... 2021-07-05
            ·3838 Aromatic poly(ether ester)s derived from a naturally occurring building block n... 2021-01-12
            ·3837 Aromatic copolyesters with enhanced crystallizability and mechanical property b... 2021-01-12
            ·3836 Polyesters derived from bio-based eugenol and 10- undecenoic acid: synthesis, c... 2021-01-12
            ·3835 Bio-Based Aromatic Copoly(Ether Ester)s with Enhanced Toughness and Degradabil... 2021-01-12
            ·3834 Acid-resistant ROS-responsive hyperbranched polythioether micelles for ulcerati... 2020-12-23
            ·3833 A rational design of a cancer-specific and lysosome-targeted fluorescence nanop... 2020-09-23
            ·3832 Ultrafast Water Transport Forward Osmosis Membrane: Porous Graphene 2020-02-17
            ·3831 Improved mechanical and antibacterial properties of silver-graphene oxide hybri... 2019-07-20
            ·3830 sdf 2019-05-31
            ·3829 [ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces] Ligand-Induced Tunable Dual-Color Emission Base... 2019-05-15
            ·3828 Establishing highly-efficient surface faradaic reaction in flower-like NiCo2O4 ... 2019-04-08
            ·3827 Highly Active Organic Lewis Pairs for the Copolymerization of Epoxides with Cy... 2019-04-02
            ·3826 Precise synthesis of sulfur-containing polymers via cooperative dual organocata... 2019-04-02
            ·3825 Carbon dioxide-based copolymers with various architectures 2019-04-02
            ·3824 Anionic Copolymerization of Carbonyl Sulfide with Epoxides via Alkali Metal Al... 2019-04-02
            ·3823 Highly Efficient One-Pot Synthesis of COS-Based Block Copolymers by Using Org... 2019-04-02
            ·3822 Metal-Free Route to Precise Synthesis of Poly(propylene oxide) and Its Blocks ... 2019-04-01
            ·3821 Organocatalytic Regioselective Synthesis of Sulfur-Containing N-Alkyl Carbamat... 2019-04-01
            ·3820 Dual Organocatalysts for Highly Active and Selective Synthesis of Linear Poly(... 2019-04-01
            ·3819 A fluorescein-centered polymer as a phosphor for fabricating pure white light-e... 2019-04-01
            ·3818 Fluorescent linear CO2-derived poly(hydroxyurethane) for cool white LED 2019-03-29
            ·3817 Nonisothermal crystallization kinetics of bio-based semi-aromatic polyamides 2019-03-29
            ·3816 Selective modification of two-dimensional MoS2 nanosheets by polymer grafting 2019-03-07
            ·3815 (Macromolecules) Oligodeoxynucleosides with Olefin Bridges 2019-02-17
            ·3814 2D-to-3D Shape Transformation of Room-Temperature- Programmable Shape-Memory ... 2018-12-25
            ·3813 A Tough Composite Hydrogel can Controllably Deliver Hydrophobic Drugs under Ul... 2018-12-25
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