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            近期論文 >> 通用高分子材料
            ·4049 Fabrication of Phosphate-Imprinted PNIPAM/SiO2 Hybrid Particles and Their Ph... 2020-03-04
            ·4048 Controllable Black or White laser patterning of polypropylene induced by carbon... 2020-03-04
            ·4047 (J. Am. Chem. Soc.) Interpenetrating Liquid Crystal Polyurethane/Polyacrylate ... 2019-10-04
            ·4046 Photosensitizer-Loaded Multifunctional Chitosan Nanoparticles for Simultaneous... 2019-06-06
            ·4045 聚酯型熱塑性聚氨酯彈性體的合成及對聚氯乙烯的增韌 2019-02-11
            ·4044 58 Nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanosheets derived from poly(ionic liquid): Hie... 2018-09-30
            ·4043 18 Striking influence of Fe2O3 on the "catalytic carbonization" of ch... 2018-09-30
            ·4042 17 Catalytic conversion of linear low density polyethylene into carbon nanomate... 2018-09-30
            ·4041 13 Catalytic carbonization of chlorinated poly(vinyl chloride) microfibers into... 2018-09-30
            ·4040 10 Synthesis and characterization of a novel organophosphorus flame retardant a... 2018-09-30
            ·4039 09 Effect of nanosized carbon black on thermal stability and flame retardancy o... 2018-09-30
            ·4038 04 Effect of Cl/Ni molar ratio on the catalytic conversion of polypropylene int... 2018-09-30
            ·4037 Highly Sensitive temperature sensing probe based on deviation S?shaped microfib... 2018-05-10
            ·4036 A high sensitivity temperature sensor based on packaged microfiber knot resonat... 2018-05-10
            ·4035 Hydrogen sensing performance of silica microfiber elaborated with Pd nanopartic... 2018-05-08
            ·4034 可生物降解多嵌段共聚物P(LLA-mb-BSA)的制備與性能 2017-09-05
            ·4033 高單體進料濃度下丙烯腈連續水相沉淀共聚的研究 II. 聚合物顆粒形態 2017-09-05
            ·4032 High molecular weight polyesters derived from bio-based 1,5-pentanediol and a v... 2017-09-01
            ·4031 Nucleating Agent-Containing P(LLA-mb-BSA) Multi-Block Copolymers as Ultra-tou... 2017-09-01
            ·4030 Hydrolytic Degradation of Biobased Poly(butylene succinate-co-furandicarboxylat... 2017-09-01
            ·4029 DBU-Catalyzed Biobased Poly(ethylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate) Polyester with Ra... 2017-09-01
            ·4028 Self-micellizing solid dispersions enhance the properties and therapeutic poten... 2017-06-22
            ·4027 纖維素類聚合物抑制超飽和狀態下藥物結晶的規律特征 2017-04-14
            ·4026 Design, fabrication and biomedical applications of zein-based nano/micro-carrie... 2017-04-14
            ·4025 Zein-based nanofibres for drug delivery: classes and current applications 2017-04-14
            ·4024 Investigation into efficiency of a novel glycol chitosan-bestatin conjugate to ... 2017-04-14
            ·4023 PSA-responsive and PSMA-mediated multifunctional liposomes for prostate cancer... 2017-04-14
            ·4022 Deoxycholic acid-grafted PEGylated chitosan micelles for the delivery of mitomy... 2017-04-14
            ·4021 Synthesis of the complex of lanthanum (III) with N-(2-amino ethyl) maleamic ac... 2016-10-18
            ·4020 Driving of Droplet on Nano-Gradient Microhump Surface in Low-Temperature and H... 2015-07-29
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